Jules Supervielle said,

The animals fell from the heavens one by one without hurting themselves.  Most of them were already completed, but some had still to wait a little before they got all their appurtenances.
“It seems I’m to have a trunk,” said the elephant, who had newly arrived.  “It’ll start from my forehead and hand down almost to the ground.”
“That’s a lot for a nose, ” said the fox.
“It’s exactly what I need,” retorted the elephant.
He had hardly finished his sentence when the trunk arrived from the furthest spaces of the heavens, to take the place which it was henceforth to occupy in all elephants.
“Ought I to bark?”  wondered the dog, whose voice was already developed.  “No, I’ll keep silent, that’s the correct thing.”
The only thing the horse lacked was his ears, but he was so busy trying to get rid of his shadow as he galloped that he was unaware of the fact.  The ears caught up with him when he was going full tilt and they have still not recovered from their astonishment, and never stop swiveling in all directions.
“Rumor has it,” said the horse, “that no one will ever gallop faster than I.  I don’t yet know very well what that means, but I guess I am going to be very proud of it.”
Suddenly, all of them felt very uncomfortable.  The donkey had just brayed.  He had spewed out the noise in front of everyone and seemed pleased about it.

An excerpt from The Creation of the Animals
by Jules Supervielle

Does anyone know if there is an illustrated version of this short story?

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